2019 Summer Pennant Results

Golfbox Pennant Results

This year we have history being made with a women’s division for summer pennant, and we have 6 teams in each division. We also have a combined Hilltop/Merrigum side which is great to see, and we encourage other clubs with low pennant numbers to consider this next year.


The final draws for each division are now available for downloading:

2019 gmga summer pennant div1.pdf

2019 gmga summer pennant div2.pdf

2019 GMGA 4BBB Venues and hitoff timesl.pdf


Pennant Conditions

Conditions of pennant final version 2.pdf



Team and score sheet for Summer Pennant .docx

You will notice that many venues have two divisions playing on the course on the same day. it is proposed to use both tees on the day.
This pennant season, we have decided to start the first matches at 7.45am (with exception of Tocumwal 13th Jan 8am) This hopefully will get all players off the course before any heat may cause issues with players.