Joyce Broadbent Open Perpetual Challenge

Mrs Joyce Elsworthy ( nee Broadbent)

Joyce Elsworthy burst on the Goulburn Valley Golf Scene in 1939 when as Joyce Broadbent she won the first of her 17 Mooroopna Club Championship. Joyce later added 10 Shepparton Club Championships and 4 Goulburn Valley championships to her illustrious record. Joyces name became synonymous with ladies in the Goulburn Valley.

For many years Joyce was Captain of G.V. Country Week teams and on several occasion reached the final of Victorian Country Championships, Sadly the title eluded her.

Joyce’s ability as an administrator and ambassador for golf was recognised both in the Goulburn Valley and beyond. In 1969 Joyce became the Goulburn Valley delegate to VLGU when country golf was first recognised by that body. Her contribution was further recognised in 1982 when she became the first country vice-president to be appointed by that VLGU.

At her best Joyce played off a handicap of 3. At age 85 off 23 handicap.

She was always willing to assist Golfers at every level to improve their game from beginners to accomplished players.

As Joyce would say of her long involvement in the game.


Joyce’s charm, modesty and her achievement resulted in her being appointed the first Life Member of G.V.L.G.A in 1975.

The Joyce Broadbent Open Perpetual Challenge Shield was donated by Numurkah’s life member Fay Powell in 1972. It is in recognition of Joyce’s contribution to golf across the Goulburn Valley and beyond.

Joyce Broadbent Honour Board Roll

1972 Cobram Merrigum B.Prior,B.Claney,E.Sinnott,J.Forster
1973 Mooroopna Parkland M.McCormack, P.Prior, G.Prior, M.Healy
1974 Valley View Kialla M.Rose, B.Campeseto, M.Everist, I.Tilbury
1975 Hill Top Shepparton J.Elsworthy, B.Halpin, M.Green, P.Galt
1976 Shepparton Shepparton B.Hanson, E.Gunnell, S.Dean, E.Sorraghan
1977 Nathalia Nathalia J.Lumsden, J.Murrell, E.Ryan, C.Thorne
1978 Merrigum Hill Top G.Cronyn, J.Hahnel, G.Robbins, M.Gaylard
1979 Mooroopna Nagambie E.Pianto, U.Potter, E.Shiels, J.Tranter
1980 Hill Top Hill Top M.Cronyn, G.Robbins, P.Davie, V.Bromley
1981 Rochester Bamawm B.Halton, N.Helmore, I.Kelly, O.McMahon
1982 Rich River Numurkah M.Johnston, R.Hodgkin, J.Brown, L.Morris
1983 Numurkah Rich River B.Bawden, W.Johnson, D.Bremner, I.Haddon
1984 Valley View Valley View R.Johnsn, J.Paton, I.Buzza, E.Sinnot
1985 Shepparton Shepparton B.Blackshaw, N.Nethersole, M.McCarten, E.Sorraghan
1986 Mooroopna Shepparton J.Howlett, N.Lorains, S.Dean, D.Lincoln
1987 Cobram Barooga Shepparton B.Hanson, J.Parkinson, S.Dean, B.Wyman
1988 Hill Top Kialla M.Gerrard, D.Judd, A.Williams, J.Sanders
1989 Kialla Kialla P.Allen, B.Campesato, M.Hanning, D.Judd
1990 Rochester Rochester R.Knight, M.Dick, C.Myers, J.Tamburini
1991 Tocumwal Shepparton L.Bowyer, M.Corboy, S.Dean, B.Loraines
1992 Shepparton Shepparton V.Love, R.Jenkins, G.Keenan
1993 Rich River Rich River L.Randall, P.Ramage, J.Haddon
1994 Numurkah Numurkah D.Storer, P.Finlayson, M.Stone
1995 Valley View Valley View D.Vick, B.Wood, E.Sullivan
1996 Mooroopna Cobram Barooga Judy McDonald, Monica Mason, Joyce Critchton
1997 Hill Top Hill Top Joan Hill, Pam Taylor, Liz Gyles
1998 Merrigum Hill Top H.Gooding, S.Jeffers, M.Pickworth
1999 Shepparton Shepparton Dorothy Whitflied, Robin Nind, Val Felmingham
2000 Rochester Cosgrove Una Feldtmann ,Robyn Armstong, Melody Adams
2001 Cobram Barooga Nagambie Ronda Richards, Helen Flood, Pam Taylor
2002 Kialla Numurkah Lorraine Aronold,  Estelle Brown, Karen Mullen
2003 Tocumwal Tocumwal Caramel  Scott, Joy Kause, Sue Pappas
2004 Shepparton Shepparton Faye Goodman, Val Felmingham, Nola Stoke
2005 Shepparton Shepparton Fiona Goudie, Viv Love, Carolyn Scott
2006 Shepparton Shepparton Val Bambrook, Maree Tomkins, Rose Priestly
2007 Valley View Valley View Marie Malay, Alison Summon, Sharon Harrison
2008 Numurkah Shepparton Greta Keeton, Cheryl Mahon ,Gail Steers
2009 Valley View Valley View Helen Emery, Fay Gollan, Marlene Topp
2010 Cobram Barooga Cobram Barooga Terri Mentha, Helen Akins, Jan Curran
2011 Nagambie Nagambie Sally Bazeley, Deidre Kleing, Jan McKay
2012 Parkland Hill Top Lyn Plett, Chris Court, Heather Wildes
2013 Numurkah Cobram Barooga Jenny Tom, Marg Howell, Janice Pendlebury
2014 Valley View Cobram Barooga Heather Aston, Edna Lioyd, Helen Hall
2015 Kialla Parkland C.Bell, S.Scapin, M.Trimby
2016 Hill Top Valley View Judy Greer, Anne Churches, Nancy Saunders
2017 Parkland Cobram Barooga Jenny Tom, Helen Hall, Robyn Jackson
2018 Cobram Barooga Nagambie Di  Pearce, Janice Pendleburry, Deb Ryan
2019 Nagambie Shepparton Suzy Phillips-Iimon, Many Faram,  Sally Nayler