Another Wash Out

Posted on: 27 September

Another wash out

Tuesday (27/9) started with such promise very early in the morning and then just on first tee off time 7.30am the heavens opened on the three courses of Hill Top, Mooroopna and Shepparton. The first players out played about three holes before being called in by the officials.

The rain was of such intensity that the greens could not cope and drain quick enough and with already very damp soil puddles could not drain enough to allow greens to be playable.

This is extremely disappointing for the three clubs that had worked so hard to make everything associated with the event as good as possible.   Thank you to the both the outdoor and indoor staff at Shepparton, Mooroopna and Hill Top Golf Clubs.    When the weather impacts on play to such an extent the organisers need to make a decision.  Golf Australia’s Events Manager Dylan Grandell met with Team Managers to seek opinions and finally the following was announced  

Unfortunately the weather gods have not been on our side this week and despite the best efforts of the host clubs, the event has been cancelled for 2022.

In fairness to the competition, there will be no relegation or promotion for this year. With the bye and the lack of games in division 1 and 2, a decision has been made not to award any winners for this year.

With all teams finishing 2 out of 3 games for Division 3, winners have been awarded this year. Congratulations to Wimmera (Men’s) and West Gippsland (Women).

For the GMGA Men a morning bye was probably appreciated and the scheduled match against West Gippsland being of no significance the West Gippsland team head home.  Several teams waited with the thoughts of playing in the afternoon and some social golf was played.

In terms of golfing highlights, mention must be made of Julie Daniel’s efforts.  Two wash outs after starting both times and playing a total of 7 holes in two days Julie won 6 of them.  What a great effort! However her caddie Margot McGrath was quick to comment “my great caddying carried her

As another aspect the question arises what do golfers do while waiting for decisions to be made.  Firstly, get Tracey Clouston with her phone to conduct a quiz questions competition for twenty minutes.  Secondly get the Team Captain Kim Morris to teach a few of her players how to play poker; and even if they do not have cash you can always rip up a cardboard muesli bar box and pretend each portion is worth $1000.

The teams have agreed that the Wednesday morning scheduled event will go ahead at Shepparton for Division One with the GMGA Women to play Peninsula District and the men to play Ballarat District.  Let’s hope for a fine day. 

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