Successful District Golf Teams Event

Posted on: 10 April

Sunday saw the playing of the Goulburn Murray Golf Association (GMGA) men’s and women’s teams event at the Hill Top golf club at Tatura.  The field was capped at 92 players and a full field took to the course representing ten clubs from around the District. 

All Players participated in an individual stableford event and then four members of each team had their scores added for the team result.  

At the start of presentations, GMGA President David Roberts welcomed all players and gave a special welcome to Life members Faye Gollan, Iris Hicks, Joy Kelly and Mick Keen and mentioned other Life member Peter Fraser who visited earlier in the day but had to leave.  The President went on the thank Hill Top club for hosting the event, the Chef, hospitality staff and grounds staff and volunteers. 

In the individual events prizes were awarded to Dylan Gallivan (Valley View GC) winner of A grade men with 39 points, runner up Kelly Cheong (Rushworth) 35 and in B grade Peter Blackmore (Valley View) was the winner with 38 points ahead of Leigh Thornton (Hill Top) 36 points.  In the women’s events A grade was won by the very happy Lynley Eadie (Shepparton) 36 points ahead of club-mate Rosie Thompson 34 points.  In B grade Barbara Duke, representing Kyabram Parkland won with 35 points on countback from runner up Norma Pollock (Shepparton). 

The nearest the pin sharp shooters were, on the third hole; Alison Keogh (Nathalia) and Peter Toy (Shepparton), on sixth; Nola Dalton (Numurkah) and Alan Akerstrom (Rushworth), on ninth; Judy Baker (Hill Top) and Darryl O’Neill (Shepparton) and on the fourteenth; Robyn Downs (Hill Top) and Mark O’Sullivan (Kialla) 

 The main emphasis of the day was the Teams Event and President Roberts called up Life Members Iris Hicks and Joy Kelly (Faye Gollan had to leave earlier) to assist with the presentations of the Gollan, Hicks, Kelly Shield – named after the three female Life members – to the top women’s teams. Runners Up were from Hill Top with a total score of 133 points Janette Hayward, Sherryl Curran, Liz Mulcahy and Judy Baker.  The winners also from Hill Top with a total of 136 points,  Terri Wangeman, Heather Long, Chris Coleman and Robyn Downs.  The winners were quick to point out that consistency is a plus as they recorded 34 points each.  

The Men played for the Gray Barton Cup, which has been played in the District since 1966.  Gray Barton was a Life Member of the Association and President from 1964 to 1969.  Runners Up from Kialla with a score of 132 points Jim Mallis, James Bicknell, Mark O’Sullivan and Tom Estrada.  (Jim thought 132 could win it, but he just missed out]  The winners from Hill Top with a total score of 134, Mike Jeffers, Mick Keen, Anthony Devine and Michael Downs. 

It is interesting to note that for the last four times that the event has been played (two cancelled during Covid Pandemic) teams from the host club have won—perhaps a home ground advantage. 

All winners of the individual and teams events were full of praise for the way in which the GMGA organised the day and thanked Hill Top GC for its hospitality.  

Accompanying photos show Women:  Joy Kelly (LM), Terri Wangeman, Robyn Downs, Chris Coleman, Heather Long, and Iris Hicks (LM) 

Men: Anthony Devine, Mick Keen, Mike Jeffers, Michael Downs. 

All team scores follow:

Team Scores Winners and Runners Up names in the write up.

Other teams with one member named. 

Women                                                         Men

Hill Top Winners            136                              Hill Top Winners            134

Hill Top Runners Up       133                              Kialla Runners Up          132

Shepparton (Wood)       127                              Hill Top (Cornwall)         131

Numurkah (Adams)       124                               Hill Top (Andrews)         127

Numurkah (Dalton)       123                              Ky Valley View (Scott)    123

Shepparton (Faram)      120                              Rushworth (Hardie)       123

Hill Top (Roberts)           117                              Ky Valley View (Kuiper)  121

Hill Top (Jeffers)            115                              Nathalia (O’Hare)          118                  

Ky Parkland (Bell)          114                              Shepparton (Toy)          117                  

Kialla (Shipston)            114                              Ky Parkland (Berry)       111

Nathalia (Lowe)             110                               Kialla (Martin)              110

                                                                        Murchison (Ewart)          93 

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