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Update. Vic Boys Championships 2010.

 Monday, September 20, 2010
A tough day at the Long Island GC was had by Luke Petherick & Lachy Devine today. With the rain & wind, the best Luke could record was 83 & Lachy 87. At last report Kyle was still on the course, having an afternoon tee time.
Jimmy Bannan is the clubhouse leader with 74. Jimmy is from the Growling Frog GC.  One of the personalities in the State Junior Squad. Jim will not be leaving anything to chance tomorrow at Royal Melbourne.

Luke is still in the hunt for a start Wednesday, he needs something in the mid 70's. This is well with in him, lets hope he can do what we have seen so often this year.

Lachy needs a strong round tomorrow & the under 16 age group to dominate the open catagory. This will make it easier for Lach to move into Wednesday.

Kyle, 91. Not a day to remember for the young gun from Shepparton GC. As we stress with all the boys who venture to the big town. It is a journey with many things to be learnt, I'm sure the 3 boys learnt something today which will help them on there next trip down the fairways.

They tee it up at Royal Melbourne GC, (east course) tomorrow. Update to come tomorrow night.

Tennyson Blake
Junior Manager. GVDGA