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Pennant Washout Update

 Thursday, February 10, 2011
Due to the condition of the courses last week, all matches in the Summer 4BBB competition were cancelled.

After due consideration, all teams that were meant to play last Sunday will be given 1 point each, except for the team that had the Bye.

An updated Ladder will be posted after this weekend's round of matches.

Round 5 Summer 4BBB Pennant Starting Time

 Tuesday, January 05, 2010
Please note, the 5th round of the Summer 4BBB Pennant Competition will start at the original times of 8.00am and 8.45am.

The venues are Parkland for Section 1 and Rich River for Section 2.

Due to the extreme heat currently being predicted, please take extra water onto the course and keep well hydrated at all times.

Graeme Stevens
0413 845 375