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Latest News

Junior Team for Heathcote Announced.

 Tuesday, July 06, 2010
The Junior team that will play at heathcote has been announced. Go to the Junior Webpage for all the details.

The squad has three new additions in 2010, these being Tyler Dunn and Alex Kydd (Ky Parkland), and Aidan Borthwick (Rich River).
Luke Petherick from Mooroopna has been selected as Captain.

Cosgrove Open Championship Incorporating the GVDGA Sandgreen Championship

 Monday, July 05, 2010
The GVDGA Sandgreen Championship will be held at Cosgrove Golf Club on 1st August, in conjunction with the Cosgrove Golf Club's Open Annual Tournament.

There will be A, B and C grades Scratch and Handicap Trophies.

Entry is only $16.00 which includes a BBQ and afternoon tea. Drummond Golf will be sponsoring a hole-in-one competition, along with a number of other sponsors supporting the event.

These sponsors are:

Purdey's Jewellers Progressive Nearest the pin.
I.K. Caldwell.
Jeff Young Shoes
Elders Insurance
Ajax Fertilisers
Custom Golf.

Tee off time is 11.00am. Entries should be sent to Una Feldtmann phone 03 58  286 283.

Entry Details:

Round 3 GVDGA Winter Pennant 2010

 Monday, July 05, 2010
Round 3 was played under some cold conditions over the weekend. In the major section, Division 1, Mooroopna had a comfortable 5 & 0 win over Numurkah, while Rich River had a 4 & 1 win over Hilltop. The win by Rich River now has them on top of the ladder after three rounds, closely followed by Mooroopna, only one match behind but Rich River have a bye next week. Next Sunday Numurkah will play HillTop and Mooroopna will play Shepparton in Division 1 at Rich River.

Division 2 finally got under way and Rich River defeated Shepparton 4&1, and Cobram-Barooga defeated Mooroopna in the other match 3 & 2. Next Sunday, Mooroopna play Rich River and Cobram-Barooga play Shepparton at Cobram-Barooga.

Division 3 was held at Ky Parkland, and Shepparton defeated Tocumwal 3 & 2, and Rich River defeated Hilltop 4 & 1. In the Tocumwal vs Shepparton match, Vin Chan and Nathan Mathews finished on the 21st hole, and Kyle Michel and Graeme Brierley went to the 20th. Another two games were decided on the 18th, so a fairly close match all round. Next Sunday all teams venture to Hilltop were Tocumwal will play Rich River, and Shepparton will take on Ky Parkland.

Valley View hosted Division 4, and played Shepparton, winning 4 & 1. Nagambie defeated Mooroopna by the same margin and Rich River had a 3 & 2 win over Merrigum. Rich River now sit on top of the ladder with Mooroopna and Nagambie close by. Shepparton hosts next week round where they will play Merrigum, Valley View play Mooroopna, and Rich River will take on Nagambie.

Division 5 was hosted by Cobram-Barooga and they lost on home soil to Ky Parkland 3 & 2. Numurkah held off Shepparton 3 & 2, and Numurkah had a similar win over Merrigum. Next week Ky Parkland host the section and they take on Shepparton. Cobram-Barooga play Numurkah, and Hilltop will play Merrigum. Ky Parkland are clear at the top of the ladder with Numurkah, Cobram-Barooga, and Shepparton chasing them.

Tocumwal was the venue for Division 6, where they defeated Numurkah 4 & 1. Mooroopna had a 5 7 0 win over Nagambie, and Kialla defeated Shepparton 4 & 1 in the remaining match. Mooroopna remain on top of the ladder, with Numurkah and Shepparton very close by. Numurkah is the venue for next week, with Numurkah playing Mooroopna, Tocumwal play Kialla, and Nagambie play Shepparton.

Full results and all ladders are on the pennant webpage

Graeme Stevens

Round 2 Division 6 Amended Results

 Thursday, July 01, 2010
After careful consideration of the events that led to Tocumwal not arriving at Nagambie for their scheduled match, the GVDGA have decided to award the contests to Nagambie, giving them a 5&0 win over Tocumwal as per the Conditions of Competition for Pennant.

The GVDGA discussed this at length, and wish to point out that the amended draw was notified in the Latest News section of the website in April, and flagged that Division 6 had been amended. It was available on the website from April 16th, 2010.

A paper copy of the draws for all divisions was also posted to the nominated postal address of all clubs aprticipating in pennant in 2010.

Graeme Stevens
Vice President

Round 2 GVDGA Pennant Competition.

 Monday, June 28, 2010
Sunday saw some very close matches between Shepparton and Hilltop in Division 1. Two matches went down the 21st hole to decide the winner with Hilltop missing out in both, Daniel Adem from Shepparton finally won over Michael Jokic, and Scott Roydon took the honours over Dylan Knight. A third match was decided on the 18th. In the othe Division match, Numurkah had a 3 & 2 win over Rich River.

Division 2 starts next Sunday, July 4th.

In Division 3, Hilltop remain undefeated with a resounding 5&0 win over Tocumwal. The other match saw Rich River defeat Ky Parkland.

Division 4 has Rich River unbeaten, with 3&2 win over Valley View at Rich River. Both Nagambie and Mooroopna had 4&1 wins over their opponents, Merrigum and Shepparton respectively.

Narrow wins by all in Division 5, with 3&2 being the best scores. Cobram-Barooga and Ky Parkland remain undefeated, with Numurkah running a close third.

Division 6 had a mixup in venue by Tocumwal, with reports that revised draws were not received. The GVDGA Executive have decided in the interim to award equal points and if either side has achance of making the finals, then a playoff will be held before the finals, to decide the outcome of this deferred match. In the other matches, Numurkah defeated Kialla 5&0, while Shepparton had a 3&2 win over Mooroopna.

Could all clubs please check the website for the draw and venue. The GVDGA has been posting information on the website and sending information by the postal service, only for it not being received by the appropriate people.

Full results for Round 2 and the cuurent ladders, are on the Pennant webpage

Veterans Report for June 21st 2010

 Monday, June 28, 2010
The Goulburn Valley District Veterans had the monthly competition at HillTop on the 21st June, full details on the Veterans webpage.

GVDGA Winter Pennant Results - Round 1

 Monday, June 21, 2010

GVDGA Winter Pennant 2010 Round 1 Results

Round 1 of the Winter Pennant has been completed in all Division, except Div 2, which, due to the small number, kick off their season on the 4th July.

In Division 1 played at Numurkah, Rich River and Mooroopna had convincing victories over their opponents, with both teams recording a 5 - 0 win.

Mooroopna defeated Hilltop, and Rich River defeated Shepparton. Tocumwal unfortunately withdrew their Division 1 team from the competition, which left Numurkah with a bye.

Division Three had Hilltop defeat Kyabram Parkland 4&1, and Shepparton defeated Rich River 3 & 2. Tocumwal had the bye.

Rich River had a 4 & 1 over Shepparton in Division Four. Mooroopna defeated Merrigum 3 & 2, and Valley View defeated Nagambie 3 & 2.

Cobram defeated Merrigum and Numurkah defeated Shepparton 5 & 0, with Kyabram Parkland notching a 4 & 1 win over HillTop in  Division 5 played at Shepparton

In the remaining games in Division 6 played at Mooroopna, 3 & 2 wins were the order of the day. Winners were Mooroopna over Kialla, Numurkah over Nagambie, and Shepparton over Tocumwal.

Full details of every match are available from the pennant webpage.

A reminder to all clubs faxing results sheets, could you please print the full name of each player, as it was difficult to decode some of the names from the result sheets, so the GVDGA apologise if any names are incorrectly spelt.

Revised Division 1 Draw

 Saturday, June 19, 2010

Late Withdrawal Division 1 GVDGA Winter Pennant

A participating club has informed the GVDGA Executive that it is withdrawing from the Division 1 Competition.

The GVDGA will verify this and issue a revised draw over over the weekend. Club Captains have been informed of the withdrawal and further information will be provided shortly.

Graeme Stevens
GVDGA Exec/Web Admin

Deniliquin Golf Club 2010 4BBB Winter Classic

 Thursday, June 10, 2010
Denilquin Golf club will hold their 4BBB Winter Classic over the coming long weekend in June.

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th will have Mens and Ladies 18 hole 4BBB Handicap Stableford, with prizes for the winners and runners up.

There will also be a 36 hole event held in conjunction with the Saturday and Sunday events.

Entry fee is only $20 per person per day, which includes a BBQ lunch on both days.

Entry forms are available for downloading here.

Rochester Golf turns 100

 Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rochester Golf Club Centenary

The Rochester Golf Club recently celebrated its centenary year with a long weekend of golf and activities to mark the milestone.

The club was first formed in 1910, with Mr E.E.Kelly, manager of the Bank of NSW, Rochester, as first president. He held that position for many years

93-year-old Albert (Bert) Wills recalled caddying for players in the early years, when the golf course was situated in a paddock at the rear of the current Rochester hospital.

His earliest memories of the 6 hole course being an L shape running down to the Campaspe River past “Piggy” Williams stile then into Lou Sugden’s paddock towards Mr Morton’s place. The course was extended to 9 holes then to 18 holes after the first world war.

 Bert & his mates would caddy for threepence or sometimes sixpence especially if you were lucky enough to carry for Mr Jack Hart. The kids would often sell “lost balls” back to the unsuspecting players who had lost the ball from the previous Saturday

Right: Peter Newman joined Life Members Laurie Jackel and Cec Parsons at the Rochester Golf Club Cenenary Clebrations. The combined ages of the trio exceeded 240 years yet they still enjoyed the 18 hole Ambrose on the final day of celebrations.

The club had a small membership base of only 5 or 6 as the sport was limited to business & professional men in the town.

The course was regularly mown by sheep and Paddy Egan’s 3 cows. Working bees were held in the evening where some parts of the course were mowed by hand mower. The course was dotted with lots of trees mainly grey box gums with many being cut down and used as boundary fence posts. Some can be seen today.

Golf balls were quite expensive at the time, at around 2/6d, so many opted for the cheaper “flotter” ball, which needed 2 or 3 times more club to go the same distance as the normal ball.

A clubhouse appeared at some stage, which was fondly remembered as a great social place with sponges, meringues, brandy snaps and a host of delicacies for those in attendance

Most players had a driver and 4 or 5 irons stored in a small canvas bag. Bert Wills recalls one chain smoking player using his cigarette butt as a tee as the ground was normally very hard.

On the 1st of January 1933, during Mr A.G. Fuller’s presidency, the club secured a lease on the Rochester Jockey Club property on the northern edge of town, to construct a golf course in and around the racecourse.

 Dr. J.S.Gorman was instrumental in setting up the course.

He and his wife Dr Grant were hard workers, propagating seeds by their fireplace and planting many hundreds of trees & shrubs, along the boundary fences, the northern end of the new course and along Echuca Road. Dr Gorman transformed the plain paddock into avenues of trees and a sanctuary for birds and, of course, numerous golfers. Dr Gorman was the first life member of the Rochester Golf Club.

During the 1950’s the club purchased its first 3 gang mower & tractor, vastly improving the playing surface.

 On the 1st of September 1952 the Trustees of the public tennis courts and the golf club formed an agreement to allow access for the golfers to use the tennis clubhouse on payment of 6 pounds per annum. 

The Rochester Jockey Club & the Rochester Golf Club, over many years, endured a strained relationship, brought on by many factors including the restriction of planting trees over 1 metre tall, the running rail interfering with general play and in the latter days, horse training during play days.    

The opportunity to relocate the Rochester Golf Club to its current Black Culvert Road site was a godsend. The club purchased 151 acres of land, which it leased out for the following decade with proceeds directed to a special fund for the development of a new course.

Finally the club could be its own master without restrictions placed upon it by the Jockey Club.

As well, since the Racecourse layout continually struggled to handle wet years, often causing play to be abandoned until the course drained, the opportunity to move to the sandy country to the South of Rochester was welcomed by the golf members.

So began the modern era of the Rochester Golf Club.

Course architect Dick Pendlebury visited the site in February 1983 and two months later his plans were approved.

That year saw feverish working bees to install watering systems, roll the white sand scrapes and have the course ready to open on April 14 , 1984.

Today the course boasts one of the finest 18 hole sandgreen layouts in Victoria and accordingly the club has hosted three Victorian Sandgreen Championships and produced countless champion golfers throughout the century.

Over two hundred members, past members and visitors attended the Centenary celebrations.