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GVDGA - GVLGA Amalgamation

 Saturday, July 29, 2017

GVDGA - GVLGA Amalgamation Gets the Green Light.

At a combined meeting of delegates from the GVDGA and the GVLGA on Thursday night, the delegates voted to amalgamate the two District Associations into one combined Association, named the Goulburn Murray Golf Association.

The meeting was chaired by Simon Brookhouse, CEO of Golf Victoria.

The name reflects that nearly 50% of the current members of the Associations are registered at the three resort courses along the Murray River, and retaining Goulburn for our heritage.

A new committee has been elected to take the reigns of the GMGA Inc, and all clubs are asked to support the new administration for the future of golf in the region.

In the interim, the GVDGA and the GVLGA will continue to organise the respective golf competitions in the district, and work with the new committee in the transition to the new entity.

Copies of the new constitution are available on the website, under the Amalgamation heading on the menu bar.

Graeme Stevens


GVDGA/GVLGA Amalgamation Committee.