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2018 GMGA Summer Pennant Update

 Monday, December 25, 2017

2018 GMGA Summer Pennant Update

The Pennant Webpage has been updated with the Team Sheets, Result Sheets, and Conditions of Competition.

Could each team captain please download these forms and information.

This year we have introduced a heat policy in that if the temperature for Shepparton (central area to the district) is expected to exceed 38 degrees C the next day (Sunday), all matches will be halved and points allotted to each team.

The competition will also allow the clubs to field one only player who is handicapped at the club, and also belongs to the PGA. This will allow some club members to play with their siblings.

Please read the conditions, and if there are any concerns, please contact the Mens Captain, Graeme Stevens asap, at menscap@gmga.org.au 

Graeme Stevens

Mens Captain
0413 845 375

Memo to All Clubs from Golf Victoria

 Monday, December 18, 2017

DATE                     18 December 2017

TO                          Member ClubsCountry Clubs

                                Victorian Golf League

                                District Golf Associations


FROM                   Simon Brookhouse – Chief Executive Officer      


SUBJECT               Proposed changes to Land Tax Act 2005


Dear members

 I write to inform you that Golf Victoria has recently been made aware of proposed changes to the Land Tax Act 2005 that may have had an adverse effect on golf clubs.

 In late November 2017, the Victorian Government introduced clauses 22 to 24 of the State Taxation Acts Further Amendments Bill 2017, that featured significant changes to Sections 71 and 72 of the Land Tax Act 2005.

 Under this Bill clause 22 to 24 sought to change the way in which sporting recreational and cultural land owned by certain non-profit organisations are dealt with in terms of land tax. A key point of the changes was to change the test for a sporting organisation to be exempt from land tax for land it owns and on which it conducts its sporting activities. The change in the test was to move from the words “primarily” or “substantially” and replace those words with “exclusively”.

 The impact of this change appeared concerning to our industry as we are aware that many of our clubs operate non-golf related activities hence meaning the change to “exclusive” may have created a land tax liability. Despite assurances from Treasury and the SRO that this was not the intention it was important that on behalf of the industry we had any potential impacts fully explained to us.

 To seek clarity on the issue, Golf Victoria sought advice from both the Premier’s office and the Sports Minister’s office, highlighting the concerns and the adverse effect these changes would have on golf clubs, and other sporting clubs in general. We also worked very hard behind the scenes with Tennis Victoria to push Vicsport into acting on behalf of all sports in relation to this matter, as is their primary role. With legal assistance, Vicsport subsequently met with the Treasurer and the SRO to raise concerns on behalf of the sporting industry.

 It now appears that those concerns have been heard, and, thanks to amendments pushed through by the Opposition, the Greens and cross benchers in the Upper House, amendments to the Bill have now been agreed to, including the omission of clauses 22 to 24. Sections 71 and 72 of the Land Tax Act 2005 will now remain unchanged.

 Golf Victoria would like to thank Tennis Victoria, Vicsport and the many golf clubs who raised concerns with us about this Bill, and worked hard over the past two weeks to have the changes omitted.

 We are subsequently very pleased with the result and if these measures were not dealt with the consequences would have been far worse.

 Should you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact myself, or Government Relations Manager Fiona Telford at fiona.telford@golfvic.org.au



Chief Executive Officer 

2018 GMGA Summer 4BBB Pennant

 Friday, December 08, 2017

2018 GMGA Summer 4BBB Pennant

The draws for the two divisions are available on the website for downloading. Click on the link or go to "Pennant" on the menu bar at the top of the page.

There has been a change of venue for Division 1 matches on the 11th February, all matches will now be played at Mooroopna instead of Rochester.

Graeme Stevens
Men's Captain

2017 Jarrod Lyle Classic - Shepparton Golf Club

 Friday, December 01, 2017

2017 Jarrod Lyle Classic - Shepparton Golf Club

The 2017 Jarrod Lyle Classic Junior Tournament will be held on Sunday 17th December, at the Shepparton Golf Club.

The Tournament is being run by Golf Victoria and the Shepparton Golf Club. It is for all juniors 17 years of age and under, and there will also be several non-handicap player events over 3,6, 9, and 18 holes.

GA Juniors can enter via the Golf Victoria website - click here

Entry Conditions - click here

Non Handicap players can enter via the Shepparton Golf Club website - click here

For a promotional video link - click here

To see a interview video link - click here

They will be having a fundraising day in conjunction for Jarrod's charity "Challenge" all proceeds from the day. sausage sizzle and all products  

If you have any questions, please contact Darren Rodgers, the Head Professional.

Shepparton Golf Pro Shop

15 Golf Drive I Shepparton I Victoria I 3630
P: (03) 5821 2531 I O: (03) 5821 2717 I M: 0438 421 362
W: sheppartongolf.net.au  I F:  Facebook  
W: darrenrodgers.com.au