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2010 Country Week side Announced

 Thursday, September 02, 2010

2010 Country Week side selected


At the conclusion of the 2010 GVDGA championship the country week team was announced to defend this year’s Div 1 title.  The team is as follows:


Terry Vogel                         Captain

Ash Umbers

Aaron Coates

Ben Docking                       Selector at C/W

James Zappelli

Luke Petherick

Ash Blake

Daniel Adem

Andrew Storer

Ben MacGibbon

Tim Watson

Jeremy Rath

Geoff Devine


The support team is as follows:


Junior caddies:


Chris Thomlinson

Dylan Grandell

Lachie Devine

Kyle Michel

Tom Moss




Peter Fraser                      Liasion officer / Selector

Wayne Gould                    Team Manager / Selector

Mike McGregor                 Swing & Fitness Coach / Caddy / Selector

John Love                          Official



On behalf of all members of the GV we would like to wish the team the very best of luck.


Once again our base will be at the Keysborough Hotel / Motel and the team will travel together by bus.  Details of travel arrangements will be forwarded shortly.


Geoff Devine

GVDGA Captain