About the GVDGA

The Goulburn Valley District Golf Association (GVDGA) takes in all golf clubs affiliated with Golf Victoria, within the area bounded by Rochester, Echuca, Mathoura, Murchison, Violet Town, Cobram Barooga, and Tocumwal. There are approximately 20 Golf Clubs in the region.

The GVDGA arranges interclub matches such as the Summer Fourball and Winter Pennant, and District Championships. It has a highly successful Country Week Team which was the State Champions in 2007, 2009 and 2010.

The aim of the Association is to promote golf within the region, at all levels ranging from the Juniors to the more senior members of golf clubs within the area.

The GVDGA is administered by a President, Vice President, Captain, Secretary, and an Executive of 4 elected members from the golf clubs represented by the GVDGA. The Executive meet every 4 – 6 weeks to discuss golf within the region, and anything pertinent to the playing members.

Executive: 2016- 2017

 President:  Peter Fraser  Kyabram Parkland - phone: 03 5852 2769
 Vice President: Simon Michel Shepparton Golf Club
 Captain:   Ross Campbell  Kialla Golf Club
 Secretary: Garry Hosie

 Executive: Jamie Baker

Noel Bailey  Rich River Golf Club
  Tony Barla  




 1929  NL Moss  GS Catlow    
 1930  NL Moss  GS Catlow    
 1931  NL Moss  GS Catlow  J Jupp  
 1932  NL Moss  JW Kershaw  JW Elgin  
 1933  NL Moss  JW Kershaw  J Rankin  
 1934  NL Moss  H McKenzie  DW Rawson  
 1935  NL Moss  H McKenzie  DW Rawson  
 1936  NL Moss   H McKenzie  A McKenzie  
 1937  NL Moss   H McKenzie  DW Rawson  
 1938  NL Moss   H McKenzie  A McKenzie  
 1939  NL Moss   H McKenzie  K Murray  
 1940  NL Moss   H McKenzie    NOT PLAYED
 1941  NL Moss  H McKenzie     NOT PLAYED
 1942-1945  IN  RECESS    
 1946  NL Moss  H McKenzie  R Pullar  
 1947  GL Hudson  H Simson  J Pigdon  WN Harrington
 1948  GL Hudson   A O’Brien    J Werner  RJ Byham
 1949  PR Pullar   A O’Brien    J Werner  RJ Byham
 1950  F Runge  A Rigg  F Arthur   J Furze
 1951  A Rigg  R Steen  W Mollison  J Furze
 1952  W Mollison  P Perkins  F Crowle  NL Wilson
 1953  K Little   P Perkins  G McPhee  AB Simson
 1954  K Little   FW Handley  K Little  K Grant
 1955  K Little   FW Handley  K Little  A Johnson
 1956  K Little   FW Handley  K Little  NL Wilson
 1957  K Little   FW Handley  K Little  RJ Byham
 1958  WE Stokes  CJ Bartels  K Little  C Bray
 1959  J Fairley  K Little  K Little  C Bray
 1960 H Hutchins   A Jacobson  K Little  RJ Byham
 1961  H Hutchins  A Jacobson  H Hutchins  C Bray
 1962  A Tweddle  A Jacobson  H Hutchins  C Bray
 1963  A Tweddle  A Jacobson  H Hutchins  B Gorman
 1964  G Barton  A Jacobson  A Tweddle  J Hocken
 1965  G Barton  A Jacobson  A Tweddle  G Peat
 1966  G Barton  GA Larsen  GA Larsen  NL Wilson
 1967  G Barton  GA Larsen  GA Larsen  GG Allen
 1968  G Barton  GA Larsen  GA Larsen  G Wright
 1969  G Barton  GA Larsen  GA Larsen  G Wright
 1970  LA Wellman GA Larsen   GA Larsen  G Wright
 1971  LA Wellman  GA Larsen  GA Larsen  N Jacobs
 1972  LA Wellman  GA Larsen  GA Larsen  J Davis
 1973  KL Furze   GA Larsen  GA Larsen  KV Bourke
 1974  KL Furze   KR Quick  GA Larsen  T Robertson
 1975  KL Furze   N Seymour  KV Bourke  RM Dixon
 1976  JW Newitt   GH Claney  KV Bourke  G Brown
 1977  JW Newitt  GH Claney  KV Bourke  RM Dixon
 1978  A Jacobson  GH Claney  KV Bourke  John B Lyle
 1979  A Jacobson  GH Claney  KV Bourke  G Brown
 1980  A Jacobson  E Mcdermott  K Farley  B Clarke
 1981  A Jacobson  E Mcdermott  K Farley  B Clarke
 1982  A Jacobson  E Mcdermott  R Munday  R Burford
 1983  G Kelly  C Rodway  R Munday  K Disher
 1984  G Kelly   J Hammond   RM Dixon   B Gledhill
 1985  G Kelly   J Hammond   RM Dixon   L Johnstone
 1986  G Kelly   J Hammond   RM Dixon  B Clarke
 1987  G Kelly   J Hammond  GA Cronyn  S Muir
 1988  G Kelly   J Hammond  GA Cronyn  B Clarke
 1989  RA Cheatley   J Hammond  G Kelly  P Brown
 1990  RA Cheatley  JD Love  J Woodsell   L Johnstone
 1991  GA Cronyn  JD Love  J Woodsell  P Brown
 1992  GA Cronyn  JD Love  J Woodsell  T Vogel
 1993  J Hammond  JD Love  M Vogel  C Marshall
 1994  J Hammond  JD Love  M Vogel  D Dixon
 1995  J Hammond  JD Love  BA MCLeod  B Brown
 1996  J Hammond  JD Love  BA MCLeod  P Majernik
 1997  J Hammond  JD Love  W Holyman  D Dixon
 1998  J Hammond  JD Love  W Holyman  K McKay
 1999 J Hammond   JD Love  M Keen  D Dixon
 2000  J Hammond  JD Love  M Keen  D Dixon
 2001  PM Fraser  JD Love  M Keen  T Vogel
 2002  PM Fraser  JD Love  M Keen  T Vogel
 2003  PM Fraser  JD Love  M Keen  T Vogel
 2004  PM Fraser  JD Love  M Keen  Jarrod B Lyle
 2005  PM Fraser  JD Love  M Keen  T Vogel
 2006  PM Fraser  JD Love  M Keen  T Vogel
 2007  PM Fraser  JD Love  M Keen  B Docking
 2008  PM Fraser  JD Love  M Keen  B Patten
 2009  PM Fraser  JD Love  M Keen  J Zappelli
 2010  PM Fraser  JD Love  G Devine  B Docking
 2011  PM Fraser  JD Love  G Devine   A Storer
 2012  PM Fraser  JD Love  R Campbell  J Zappelli
 2013  PM Fraser  JD Love  R Campbell  A Coates
 2014  PM Fraser  JD Love  R Campbell  
 PM Fraser  JD Love  R Campbell  
 2016  PM Fraser  JD Love  R  Campbell  
 2017  PM Fraser  G Hosie  R Campbell  

Significant Achievements

Victorian Country Champion:
1964    Chris Hutchins
1980    John Craig
2000    Terrry Vogel
2003    Jarrod Lyle
2004    Jarrod Lyle
2009    Ashley Umbers.

Victorian Sandgreens Champion
2005    Ashley Umbers
2010    Luke Petherick

Country Week Shield: